Course offers by interculturas e.V.

The different language courses are divided into five different levels, each level lasting eleven weeks with 20 one-hour lessons per week. The lessons take place either in the morning or the afternoon. There are no fees to be paid other than the course fees. You only have to purchase the books needed for each course.


A1 (fee euro 280.00)

Basic knowledge for everyday life and basic grammar (subjects, verbs in present tense and present perfect, modal verbs, prepositions)

A1 test (download pdf)


A2 (fee euro 280.00)

This course focuses on grammar combined with text work and listening comprehension (simple past, subordinate clauses, imperfect subjunctive, passive, declination of adjectives)

A2 test (download pdf)


B1 (fee euro 280.00)

This course requires participants to edit factual texts and tests their listening comprehension. The grammar section deals with nominalisation, prepositions governing the genitive, the present subjunctive, and the transformation of main to subordinate clauses and vice versa. Participants may also enrol at the university.

B1 test (download pdf)


B2 (fee euro 280.00)

Similar to B1 level, but on a higher level, this course also focuses on: text production, text reproduction, transformation of attributives and predicates, grammatical structures.
Participants may also matriculate at the university.

B2 test (download pdf)

C1 (fee euro 320.00)

The C1 course is a preparatory and training course for the “Test of German Language Ability for University Admission” (DSH) or similar exams.
Participants may also matriculate at the university


Additional offers:

Communication course:

Our communication course is intended for Basic Level II participants and instructs small groups of participants in everyday casual speech. For example, participants rehearse and act short plays.

The language courses also include visits to the cinema, theatre, and museums

We are in close contact with various municipal and university advisory centers such as the accommodation agencies.

We regularly organise discussion forums, additional training seminars and parties.